Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Amazon and Sears


I was talking to some students today about how Sears expanded from selling watches by mail to selling everything by mail. In the early twentieth century you could even by a house from Sears. We started talking about how Amazon had gone from selling books to selling everything, and one student told me you can now buy tiny houses on Amazon, which I had not known.


Here are some Sears houses



To see more Sears houses go here

Here are some houses available on Amazon




If you want to see more homes on Amazon just search Amazon.


Amazon is currently being prosecuted for violation of European antitrust laws. Sears on the other hand has recently gone through bankruptcy, though it’s not clear that there is actually something there to save.


Amazon has incredible size and market power right now, but many examples from business history suggest that these are hard to hold on to in the long run.



By the way, you could also buy a Sears motorcycle (with European styling and performance) 

And, yes, you can now buy motorcycles on Amazon as well.

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