Thursday, July 30, 2020

Recent podcasts related to economic history

Historically Thinking Al Zambone talks to Sharon Ann Murphy about her book Other People’s Money: How Banking Worked in the Early American Republic


The Economic History Podcast is relatively new but has several episodes up now including one with Lisa Cook talking about racial violence, innovations. The Planet Money episode with Dr. Cook is also very good.


Coffee with Cornelius, podcast with Cornelius Christian, has several episodes with economic historians. You can watch his youtube channel or get the audio from a variety of places like itunes or google

Gregory Clark on genetics and the Industrial Revolution

Anton Howes on the Industrial Revolution

Mark Koyama on religious persecution and state capacity

Charles Calomiris on the political economy of banking


James Pethokoukis Political Economy Podcast has recent episodes with

Anton Howes

Nicholas Crafts

Doug Irwin

He also has an episode with Dietz Vollrath about growth


Parsing Science has an episode with Trevon Logan on How Black Politicians Matter at The Question Lane and  


Conversations with Tyler has recent episodes with Nathan Nunn and Mellissa Dell on persistence,