Friday, January 25, 2019

Loan Sharks Posts Redux

Blogger tells me that a lot of people are looking at this post on loan sharks from 2017.  That post is mostly about what I regarded as a big problem with Charles Geisst's book on loan sharks. If someone is looking for a more substantial post on loan sharks you should check out this post from 2016. 
It also contains this cool cartoon

Thursday, January 17, 2019


Since several students asked about my dog, here is a picture of Lyra

Since this blog is supposedly about economics, here is a link to wagaroo a non-profit that helps match people in need of pets with pets in need of people. It was founded by University of Mary Washington econ alum Christine Exley, who went on to earn her Ph.D. at Stanford and is now a professor at Harvard Business School. Here is an interview that Frank Conway did with Christine at Economic Rockstar.

Here is the Fredericksburg SPCA, which is where Lyra came from.