Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Romney Plan?

I received an email from Economists for Romney, asking me to join them in endorsing his economic plan. The email said that

Governor Romney would:

  • Reduce marginal tax rates on business and wage incomes and broaden the tax base to increase investment, jobs, and living standards.
  • End the exploding federal debt by controlling the growth of spending so federal spending does not exceed 20 percent of the economy.
  • Restructure regulation to end "too big to fail," improve credit availability to entrepreneurs and small businesses, and increase regulatory accountability, and ensure that all regulations pass rigorous benefit-cost tests.
  • Improve our Social Security and Medicare programs by reducing their growth to sustainable levels, ensuring their viability over the long term, and protecting those in or near retirement.
  • Reform our healthcare system to harness market forces and thereby reduce costs and increase quality, empowering patients and doctors, rather than the federal bureaucracy.
  • Promote energy policies that increase domestic production, enlarge the use of all western hemisphere resources, encourage the use of new technologies, end wasteful subsidies, and rely more on market forces and less on government planners.
I'm not sure whether this is the plan, but there was no link to to a more detailed plan. It sounds like good stuff, but if there is an actual plan for reducing the growth of Medicare, Social Security and the debt I would like to see it before I endorse it.

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