Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Sort of related to economic history

We just spent the weekend driving from Fredericksburg to St. Louis and back (for Mary's parents 60th anniversary). We stayed a night in Louisville because we wanted to eat at 610 Magnolia. The meal was very good, but we wished that there had been more Smoke and Pickles. We stayed a few blocks away from the restaurant at the Culbertson Mansion on 3rd Street, one of the many amazing homes built along that street in the 1880s and 1890s. Our brief stay made me curious about the economic history of Louisville, particularly the Southern Exposition.

In St. Louis, we discovered the Urban Chestnut Brewing Company. While living in M√ľnchen  in the summer of 1997 I discovered that I had a taste for weissbier, and Urban Chestnut makes a very good one, though Schneider Weisse is still my favorite. If you are in St. Louis, the food at their Bierhall is also quite good.

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